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  • Pre-curved Crosslink foam construction with additional plastic insert protection on two lead fingers

  • Imported PU with Sheep leather palm

  • Two-piece thumb

  • Airflow mesh gusset for ventilation

  • Double-sided toweling wrist band with pull tab Velcro closure

  • STYLE = Block: Modern flat-top style is the perfect template for flexibility and allows manufacturers more freedom in modifying the design to increase grip and feel.

  • FINGER FLEX = Pre-Curved: By not having splits through the finger this single-piece setup gives the best in protection when gripping the cricket bat.

  • PROTECTION = Fiber Topped HDF: A high grade of protection includes sections of High-Density Foam topped with a thin layer of fiber on leading fingers for great impact protection.

  • LINING = Brushed Cotton: Internal lining is comfortable on the hand and absorbs moisture.

  • SIDE = Mesh: Ventilates heat from the side of the glove.

  • THUMB = Two-Piece: Provides excellent flexibility & protection. Wrapped over an internal cap.

  • PALM = Sheep Leather: Super soft and supple sheep leather provides excellent grip and remains thin enough for a premium feel.

  • WRIST TOWEL = Wide Double Sided: Designed for fantastic moisture absorption, comfort and securing the glove.

NEW BALANCE DC 680 Batting Gloves (RH)

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